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Concrete Cancer Repair In SHARK Tank Aquarium

Concrete cancer repair of the shark tank roof

Concrete Cancer Repair In SHARK Tank Aquarium


Concrete cancer repair in a shark aquarium


Work above sharks on a pontoon, not a problem.

Our remedial waterproofing and concrete repair technicians did not shy away from the challenges they faced during the time spent carrying out various concrete cancer repair while floating on a pontoon in a large concrete aquarium – the home of many sharks and stingrays at Sea Life, Mooloolaba.

Curious shark checking out the concrete repairs in the aquarium – Waterstop Solutions



They addressed a few issues including, repairs of rusting and spalling concrete on the main support beam and a large area on a suspended concrete slab, which is the roof of the shark tank. All repairs were completed over the water with very limited working space while constantly moving about.


Pontoon floating on top of the shark tank – Waterstop Solutions


Working from the pontoon in the shark tank – Waterstop Solutions


Concrete beam concrete chiselled out exposing reinforcing steel (reo) – Waterstop Solutions


Concrete beam repaired by Waterstop Solutions


The concrete cancer was removed until sound substrate was achieved. The rust on the reinforcing steel (reo) was removed and the reo replaced where needed. We treated the Reo and the surrounding exposed concrete with rust inhibitor and primer before filling the prepared repair zone with a specialised high build, shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar in order to strengthen up the area again.

Due to the salty and humid environment surrounding the aquarium, we applied an Epoxy coating system that acts as a moisture and vapour barrier for further protection of the concrete in the repair zone.

The coating system helps protect the concrete from degradation, corrosion or damage that may result from exposure to water.

Our technicians say: “No job is too tough, there is no such thing as problems, only solutions.”


Check out the photos of the shark tank’s concrete roof repair in the slideshow below:


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