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Warehouse Joint Refurbishment And Concrete Repairs

Warehouse Joint Refurbishment And Concrete Repairs


Waterstop Solutions was recently appointed to carry out a large number of concrete repairs and joint refurbishment at a large Brisbane Warehouse


Maintaining a building in a good working condition takes a lot of effort from maintenance mangers and asset owners.

Scheduled maintenance like plumbing, electrical and small repairs keep the facility operational.

However, issues like joint deterioration, cracks, spalling and water ingress/seepage affect the integrity and longevity of the asset. These kinds of issues are usually not covered by a maintenance schedule. 

But this is something Waterstop Solutions can set up with you.

With a maintenance schedule we identify potential problems early and rectify before they become an expensive repair and a structural issue.

Warehouse slabs, cold room floors and driveways are subject to impact damage to forklifts and especially electric forklifts.

The small, solid rubber wheels impact joint shoulders and any small imperfections on the slab. 
Often these areas will “grow” rapidly and become a potential risk for operators.


Services we regularly carry out in Warehouses and Distribution Centres include joint sealing repairs of this nature together with repairs of damaged concrete in addition to stabilising and lifting slabs, structural crack repairs, leak sealing and removing trip hazards.


The Benefits of Floor Joint Rehabilitation:

* The best surface for safe and efficient movement of goods is a smooth, hard and uninterrupted surface.

* Improved productivity of material handling and traffic efficiency.

* Vehicles can move at speed without slowing down to manoeuvre over separated joints.

* Reduced vehicle repair costs and downtime due to wheel replacement.

* Time and Cost Effective Solution – If left untreated, the defect grows wider and deeper and will eventually require expensive and time consuming repairs.

* Reduced impact points for hard wheeled traffic.

* Reduced risk of injuries due to load tipping.

* Reduced risk of claims from drivers due to lower back distress caused by jagged movements due to wheels getting caught in gaping and deteriorated floor joints.


Warehouse Concrete Repairs And Joint Refurbishment - Waterstop Solutions
    Image: Warehouse Concrete Repairs and Joint Refurbishment. Before and after. 

Concrete Repair - Cut and Prepared for Repair
Image: STEP 1 – Concrete Repair – Cut and Prepared for Repair


Propriety Industrial Concrete Repair System Applied - Waterstop Solutions
Image: STEP 2  –  Propriety Industrial Concrete Repair System Applied.

Concrete is Cured and Surface Prepared for Joint Cutting and Joint Sealing - Waterstop Solutions
   Image: STEP 3  –  Concrete is Cured and Surface Prepared for Joint Cutting and Joint Sealing.

Concrete Repair Completed and Joint Seal Applied Within the Designated Area - Waterstop Solutions
   Image: STEP 4  –  Concrete Repair Completed and Joint Seal Applied Within the Designated Area.



Do you have deteriorating concrete joints with separating gaps and/or broken down joint sealing?

We would love the opportunity to provide our premium services to you and arrange for an initial site inspection.
With the site inspection you will receive a thorough and informative inspection from one of our highly experienced Senior Inspectors that have over 50+ years experience in the industry combined. You will also receive an informative quotation from our highly experienced staff regarding our recommendations that have been directly tailored for the assessed concerns.

Follow this link to Book inspection with our senior waterproofer and concrete expert 

We welcome your questions as we are happy to help.

Ph: (07) 3205 1899
Email: [email protected]


Waterstop Solutions is committed to providing a high standard of service. With more than 50 years combined industry experience in our management team, we lead our work force to deliver just that. The best measure of our success is the “follow on” works from our existing clients. 
Our commitment to safety and our impact on the environment always takes first priority. Our approach to quality is to plan; control; monitor and grow from the outcomes. Quality assurance is a tool for us; the client and the supplier to micro manage the critical elements of their project that ultimately produces an optimal result. With limited training opportunities for our field of expertise in Australia, we have invested in sending our project manager to Singapore, USA and Germany (recognized leaders in this field) to undergo extensive training. This provides us with the foundation for further development and up-skilling of our Australian workers.



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