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We are enthusiastically connected as a team, united by our vision

To Inspire

We help our clients realise their goals

Waterstop Solutions is one of the leading companies in our areas of expertise, with a focus on fixing leaking buildings and concrete structures. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland and Sydney, New South Wales.

Solutions are in our nature, and we believe that delivering a tailored solution that is designed to solve the root cause is the hallmark of quality and excellent performance, whether it is technical innovation or our customer service.

We listen

When employees feel listened to, it leads to enhanced wellness, camaraderie, and a feeling of fitting in, resulting in collaborative and inclusive work that showcases the best in people. Our team functions as a cohesive unit where we are not only colleagues but also friends who watch out for and help each other, with a common goal of inspiring each other to succeed.



Our vision is to inspire

We are enthusiastically connected as a team, united by our vision To Inspire.

We wish to inspire by demonstrating unwavering integrity in everything we do.

We combine passionate dedication with a relentless safety focus to stimulate creative mastery and innovative solutions, born of a deep understanding and thirst for more knowledge.


Waterstop Solutions Culture: https://waterstopsolutions.com.au/our-culture/


For those who

.. care and value integrity,

.. are passionately dedicated to making a difference,

.. think safety first every day with a relentless approach,

.. eagerly seek knowledge and strive to inspire others through their creative mastery.

We invite you to apply for a role in our team. We look forward to the opportunity to achieve remarkable things together.


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Innovative and Sustainable Approach
Waterstop Solutions is a leader in the industry for its innovative, quality and sustainable approach, using cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices to deliver remedial solutions for several sectors in the built environment.
A Warm Team Culture
Waterstop Solutions fosters a strong team culture, with a focus on collaboration, communication, and support among our employees.
Quality Work Counts
Delivering exceptional work consistently is of utmost importance to both ourselves and our esteemed clients. We acknowledge and appreciate people who deliver quality work.
Flexible Working Opportunities
Waterstop Solutions understands the importance of work-life balance. Where possible, we make efforts to offer our employees the flexibility to work remotely or in-office as needed.
Training & Career Growth Opportunities
Waterstop Solutions offers opportunities for professional development and growth, such as professional development and training programs, hands-on workshops and formal certifications. We support and encourage training and skill-building at every level in the company to ensure that our peple feel challeged, inspired, and are always growing.

Previous Experience
An individual’s potential is not limited by their past experiences. While, previous experience and formal qualifications are desired for some positions, we are happy to provide full training to the right person.
Challenging and Rewarding Work
Waterstop Solutions provides solutions for complex water ingress and concrete defect issues, which can be challenging but also rewarding when the team is able to solve a problem for our clients and make a positive impact on the built environment and community.
Technology and Tools
Waterstop Solutions invest in technology to improve its operations and provide our employees with the latest tools and equipment to performs their work efficiently.
Competitive Salary and Benefits
We offer above award wages and a competitive remuneration package to our employees.
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We are always eager to connect with passionate and dedicated individuals who share our values and mission, even when we do not have any current job openings.

For general employment enquiries, please send a cover letter telling us a little about yourself and attach a copy of your resume.

Exciting opporunities

NSW Site Supervisor
For immidiate start in Sydney
QLD Specialist Remedial Technician
NSW Specialist Remedial Technician
Trade Assistant Brisbane
General Application


“There is nothing more rewarding than working in a team. The shared goal of achieving great results, the support of your peers and the sense of family you find in every good team.”



We asked some of our team members what they enjoy most about their job.

“The camaraderie between my colleagues and me makes our job much easier. Being able to assist each other and enjoy working together contributes to a positive and efficient workplace environment.”


“Variety. I find the wide variety of work locations that each require different methodologies to understand and implement to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of my role as a technician.”


“I enjoy the development of high-quality solutions and observing the project’s process as it unfolds.”

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