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Concrete Protective Coatings

Concrete and masonry protection


Protective Coatings – Enhancing Concrete Durability


Protecting concrete is crucial to ensure the longevity, safety, and structural integrity of various construction projects, ranging from buildings and bridges to highways, tunnels, and water infrastructure.


Concrete is a widely used construction material, but it is susceptible to damage over time due to exposure to environmental stressors.


To protect concrete effectively, various strategies can be employed depending on the specific application and environmental conditions. These strategies include applying coatings, sealers, waterproofing systems, penetrating water repellents, corrosion inhibitors, regular maintenance, and timely repairs to address any deterioration.


Protective coatings and sealers act as a shield, defending against moisture intrusion, salts, carbonation, chemical attack, abrasion, and more. By safeguarding concrete, you extend its lifespan, minimise maintenance costs, and ensure structural integrity.


Safeguarding concrete surfaces through protective coatings


Explore some of our tailored solutions and fortify your concrete against the elements, chemicals, and wear.


Anti-Carbonation Coating for Concrete and Masonry Protection: Anti-carbonation coatings have high resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion, moisture vapour, oxygen and chloride ions. Shield your concrete against carbon dioxide penetration and environmental factors that cause carbonation-induced deterioration. This coating forms a protective barrier, preserving the concrete’s integrity.


Chemical Bund Coating: Chemical bunding systems provide effective spill containment solutions by preventing chemical spills and leaks from escaping their containment area. Chemical-resistant bund lining for concrete effectively safeguards the concrete surface and the environment from spills.


Concrete Hardener Densifier: Enhance the concrete’s density and strength through a penetrating hardener densifier, a non-film forming penetrating sealer. This treatment reinforces the surface, improves abrasion resistance, and minimises concrete dust particles.

Respirable concrete dust can cause severe damage to the lungs as crystalline silica dust causes scar tissue formation in the lungs, reducing their ability to take in oxygen. Crystalline silica has been classified as a human lung carcinogen and can cause silicosis, which is incurable. More commonly,


Impregnating / Penetrating Water Repellent (PWR): Combat moisture-related issues and waterborne salts by employing a dry-look penetrating waterproofing repellent (PWR).

The PWR makes concrete and masonry less porous by creating a bonded hydrophobic lining to the pores while allowing water vapour to escape so the substrate can “breathe”. This means that the treated surface will repel water, resist staining from leaves, oil leaks and grease, and protect against waterborne salts. Additionally, PWR resists algae and mould growth and makes graffiti removal easier.


Protective Safety Floor Coating: Create a slip-resistant and chemical-resistant surface with specialised protective safety floor coatings. These coatings are tailored to endure heavy usage, particularly in areas prone to slips and chemical exposure.


Trafficable Coating: High-traffic areas demand robust solutions. Trafficable coatings provide exceptional durability, ensuring the concrete can withstand constant foot and vehicular traffic.


Waterproofing Systems for External and/or Internal Applications: Tailored waterproofing systems protect concrete against moisture infiltration, whether for external or internal applications, preserving the concrete and masonry’s strength and appearance.



We at Waterstop Solutions are here to help select between various high-quality concrete protection systems, including anti-carbonation coatings, and their installation. We will analyse your specific situation, provide expert guidance, and tailor our remedial solutions to your specific needs.

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