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Concrete Restoration and Pathway Safety Enhancement

concrete hardener and anti-slip trafficable coating by Waterstop Solutions

Concrete Restoration and Pathway Safety Enhancement



Strengthening Durability and Safety through Concrete Hardener-Densifier and Slip-Resistant Trafficable Coating Installation at a QLD Secondary College


Concrete is a fundamental building material renowned for its strength and durability. However, in some cases, environmental factors or construction practices can lead to issues like premature concrete deterioration and surface degradation.

One such instance occurred at a Secondary College in Queensland, where concerns over concrete durability and concrete dusting arose because the concrete slabs had been poured during the hot summer months, causing excessive water to be used during the pouring/finishing of the concrete. Once cured, this resulted in powdery surfaces, exposed aggregate, and steel reinforcements, prompting the need for remedial action.


Our Approach

To address these concerns, we devised a tailored solution to remediate the concrete’s strength, aesthetics, and safety. Our strategy involved the following steps:


Concrete Removal and Restoration: Our first step was to break out the unsound concrete sections and restore the concrete cover to the exposed steel reinforcements. This crucial step laid the foundation for a long-lasting remedial repair.


Penetrating Reactive Hardener-Densifier Installation: To treat the powdery surface and reduce the porosity of the concrete, we installed a penetrating reactive hardener-densifier. This product reacts with water to harden and densify the concrete, making it significantly more resilient and resistant to water. Additionally, it has the ability to seal minor cracks in the concrete slab, which further enhances its durability.


Activation and Sealing: We allowed the manufacturer’s recommended time for the reactive hardener-densifier to activate. During this period, the product effectively sealed minor cracks and penetrated the concrete, enhancing its structural integrity. This step was vital in ensuring the long-term durability of the repaired pathways.


Slip-Resistant, Trafficable Coating: To provide both functional and aesthetic benefits, we installed a slip-resistant, trafficable coating on the concrete surface. This coating not only enhances safety by reducing slip hazards but also adds an attractive finish to the pathways.



Benefits of Our Approach


Our approach to remedial concrete repair and waterproofing at the Queensland Secondary College offers several key benefits:


Enhanced Durability: The installation of the reactive hardener-densifier significantly increases the concrete’s resistance to wear, tear and water ensuring longevity and minimises concrete dusting.


Safety: The slip-resistant trafficable coating improves safety, especially in high-traffic areas like educational institutions, by reducing the risk of accidents due to slippery surfaces.


Aesthetics: The slip-resistant trafficable coating not only helps protect the concrete from water, but also provides a visually appealing finish, enhancing the overall look of the pathways.


Sustainability: Repairing and enhancing existing concrete structures is a sustainable choice, reducing the need for costly replacements and minimising environmental impact.



In the case of the Queensland Secondary College, our remedial concrete repair and waterproofing specialists successfully addressed the client’s concerns about concrete dusting and durability. By using a combination of concrete hardener-densifier and slip-resistant trafficable coatings, we not only restored the pathways’ structural integrity but also made them safer and more visually appealing.

If you are facing similar challenges with your concrete surfaces, do not hesitate to reach out to us for remedial solutions that stand the test of time. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we are committed to delivering excellence in every project we undertake.


Remedial Consultation


We can assist with selecting and installing a wide range of concrete and masonry coatings, penetrating water repellents, hardener densifiers, trafficable coatings, anti-slip safety coatings, chemical floor bunding, waterproofing systems for external and/or internal applications.

Contact us today to schedule a remedial consultation with our experienced professionals. We will analyse your specific situation, provide expert guidance, and tailor our remedial solutions to your specific needs.


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If you have any issues with damaged concrete floor joints, cracking concrete slabs, structural cracks, concrete deterioration, moisture, seepage, efflorescence, rising damp and/or high-flow active leaks in concrete structures, we would be happy to assist you. You are welcome to contact us with any questions that you may have.  

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Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

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