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Remedial Waterproofing at Sydney School | Waterstop Solutions

Installing Waterproofing System - Waterstop Solutions NSW

Remedial Waterproofing at Sydney School | Waterstop Solutions


A Masterful Restoration: Waterstop Solutions NSW Transforms Sydney School Courtyard

A Contribution Towards a Safer and More Durable Space for Learning

In Sydney, a significant remedial transformation has taken place at a local school, thanks to the expertise of Waterstop Solutions NSW. Our team, renowned for their skill in remedial waterproofing and concrete repair, recently completed a meticulous refurbishment of a 450 sqm school courtyard. This project not only protects the repaired concrete slab and enhances the aesthetics of the space, but also helps ensure its longevity and safety for the school community.

The Strategic Approach for Lasting Results

The project unfolded in several carefully planned stages, aligning with industry best practices. Our objective was clear: to deliver a reliable, long-lasting, and safe waterproofing solution.

The process involved:

    1. Initial Preparation: The first step was a meticulous preparation phase. This included the removal of glass panels, framing of a hallway, and wall cladding. Such thorough preparation was crucial for the proper termination of the new waterproofing and flooring system.
    2. Removing the Old to Make Way for the New: We identified and removed defective waterproofing, a critical step to prevent future leaks and water infiltration. This ensured a solid foundation for the new system.
    3. Enhancing Drainage Efficiency: Our team demolished a large planter box to access a crucial drainage point, vital for effective water management and preventing water accumulation.
    4. Surface Preparation: We employed planetary grinders to grind the slab, removing remnants of the previous adhesive layer. This step was essential to obtain a clean and even substrate for the new system.
    5. Concrete Repair and Reinforcement: The project included topping slab and rectification work on the main courtyard slab, based on structural advice and specifications from consulting engineers. This involved reinforcing areas with additional steel and setting them with chemical epoxy.
    6. Installing a Robust Waterproofing System: The chosen waterproofing system was applied in multiple layers, providing slip resistance and UV stability. The system helps safeguard against the effects of high-traffic areas like a school courtyard.

Adherence to Australian Standards and Best Practices

Throughout this project, our team strictly adhered to Australian Standards and Best Practices for waterproofing and construction. This compliance ensured the high quality of our work, meeting necessary safety and durability requirements. By applying waterproofing engineering principles, we ensured proper surface preparation, membrane installation, and protection measures.

A Nice and Invigorating Space for Students

As the dry season in Sydney provided the perfect conditions for this project, we are proud to say that the refurbished courtyard was completed with great results, just in time for the next season. Now, the school community enjoys a durable and visually appealing courtyard, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Waterstop Solutions NSW.



Waterstop Solutions NSW: Your Partner in School Facilities Management


Our Sydney team understand the complexities of Facility Management in NSW. Our tailored waterproofing and remedial building solutions are designed to address and protect against the common and costly issues of water damage and building defects.

Remedial Consultation

Protect the integrity and value of your strata property with Waterstop Solutions NSW. For inquiries or further information tailored to your specific property’s needs, please do not hesitate to contact Waterstop Solutions.

Contact us today for a remedial consultation and to learn more about safeguarding your building against water damage. We will analyse your specific situation, provide expert guidance, and tailor our remedial solutions to your specific needs.




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Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement is now available to download as PDF. (The image is clickable and opens up a link to our Capability Statement). 




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Remember that seepage/water ingress into areas such as balconies, basements, concrete roofs, car parks and retaining walls, should not be ignored – call a remedial waterproofing professional today for an assessment to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

At Waterstop Solutions, we carry out a wide range of remedial works to concrete structures post-construction stage in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and outlying areas in Queensland and New South Wales.

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