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Repair of Leaking Well – Confined Space Work | Waterstop Solutions

Remedial Waterproofing of Civil Water Infrastructure Well - Waterstop Solutions

Repair of Leaking Well – Confined Space Work | Waterstop Solutions


Confined Space Remedial Waterproofing of a Well in Brisbane

At Waterstop Solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier waterproofing services that enhance the durability and functionality of civil water infrastructure. Have you ever faced the challenge of addressing groundwater seepage in a confined space environment? Recently, our team successfully completed a complex remedial waterproofing project in Brisbane, addressing groundwater seepage in a confined space environment.

Project Spotlight

The project involved a civil water infrastructure well that was experiencing significant groundwater seepage. Our primary goal was to halt this seepage and improve the well’s longevity and resilience. This required a combination of specialised skills, advanced materials, and precise execution.

Challenges and Solutions

Confined Space Operations

During remedial waterproofing works in a well - Waterstop Solutions

During remedial waterproofing works in the well.

Working in confined spaces requires stringent safety measures and thorough training. Our team of confined space qualified leak sealing specialists adhered to all safety protocols, ensuring a secure and efficient work environment.

Removal of Damaged Membrane Liner

The first step was to remove the existing damaged membrane liner. This process was followed by preparing the surface for subsequent repairs and ensuring the bonding of the new waterproofing system to the substrate.

Concrete Replacement Around Discharge Pipe Exit

The area around the discharge pipe exit was particularly vulnerable to seepage. We replaced the damaged concrete in this area, restoring the integrity and creating a solid foundation for the new waterproofing membrane.

High-Pressure Leak Sealing Injection

Another crucial aspect was addressing the cold joint at the bottom of the well. We effectively sealed this joint using high-pressure leak sealing injection to help prevent further groundwater infiltration and safeguard the structure.

Installation of Cement-Bonded, Polymer-Modified Waterproof Membrane

To provide long-term protection, we installed a cement-bonded, polymer-modified waterproof membrane. This advanced membrane offers several key benefits:

  • Submersible and Sewage Resistant: The membrane is designed to perform robustly in submersible conditions and is resistant to sewage, making it ideal for challenging environments.
  • Enhanced Longevity and Resilience: By safeguarding the concrete, the membrane significantly enhances the well’s durability, helping it remain operational for many years to come.


The successful completion of this remedial waterproofing project in Brisbane highlights Waterstop Solutions’ expertise in handling complex waterproofing challenges. Our team’s dedication to quality and safety ensured the project was completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

If you have a project that requires expert waterproofing solutions, especially in confined spaces or challenging conditions, contact Waterstop Solutions. We are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that help extend the life and performance of your infrastructure.


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