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Asbestos Encapsulation | Waterstop Solutions

Asbestos Encapsulation 

We offer solutions that combine Asbestos Encapsulation on asbestos cement products with Positive Side Waterproofing for an even more robust outcome.


Non-Invasive Positive Side Asbestos Sealing and Waterproofing Services in QLD:

Discover a proven approach to mitigate the dangers posed by asbestos in weathered positive side building surfaces and structures, such as external walls, cladding, and rooftops.


Protect and Preserve:
In the realm of building maintenance and remediation, managing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) presents significant health risks for the inexperienced. Fortunately, at Waterstop Solutions, safety and knowledge are our priority. We follow the code of practice pertaining to the WHS Act and Regulations, and our team is particularly committed to providing a service that is not only effective but also ensures the utmost safety.


Looking For a Proven Alternative to Asbestos Removal in QLD?

Asbestos, once widely utilised in construction, poses significant health risks when its fibres become airborne, and the removal can be a long and expensive process. Fortunately, our cost-effective encapsulation process securely seals weathered asbestos-containing materials and ensures a safer environment.


Compliance and Quality:

Our team of experts utilises the latest proven techniques and products, following the current protocols during the sealing process. Understanding Australia’s unique climate and construction standards, we offer tailored solutions for each property. Furthermore, we adhere to Australian regulations and guidelines, ensuring all procedures are safely and correctly performed. Additionally, our team undergoes regular training to stay current on the latest industry developments and safety standards. Therefore, our services are not only compliant but also of the highest quality.


Choose Safety and Excellence:

Choosing our Asbestos Encapsulation service means opting for a professional, reliable, and safe solution for managing asbestos on the positive side of your building. Combine this with our Positive Side Waterproofing System for a comprehensive solution. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and peace of mind to our clients located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast in QLD, as well as in our neighbouring state, NSW.


Connect with Us:

Ready to take the next step towards effective asbestos management? Contact us today to discover how our combined Asbestos Encapsulation and Positive Side Waterproofing can assist you. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Contact Waterstop Solutions today for all your Positive Side Asbestos Encapsulation needs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in QLD.

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