We at Waterstop Solutions pride ourselves on providing excellent remedial waterproofing, industry-leading concrete crack, leak sealing injections and concrete repair solutions, with a solid reputation for integrity built upon years of reliable service in the building and construction industry.

Celebrating 11 years in business 2020.

Chris Anderson and Harold Du Toit - Waterstop Solutions' Directors. Photo: Whitedress Productions.
Chris Anderson and Harold Du Toit - Waterstop Solutions' Directors. Photo: Whitedress Productions.


Harold Du Toit –  Waterstop Solutions Director since 2009

The person who has been a part of this dynamic company since its inception in 2009, is Harold Du Toit.

Waterstop Solutions was originally set up to service the construction of the Clem 7 tunnel, but it grew to target other opportunities in the marketplace.

Harold says the establishment of this company is his standout career highlight, and the continuing success of Waterstop Solutions is without doubt a testament to his technical expertise and business acumen.

Harold is originally from South Africa, where he carried out his national service in the police force.  Then, in the late 1980s, he began his career in the building and construction industry.

By the end of the 1990s, already with a lot of industry knowledge and practical experience gained in various positions, he was working in a senior role with Tuff Guard – a South African polyurethane spraying and formulations company, still in operation.

In 1998 however, Harold decided to migrate to Australia to try his luck at advancing his career in a then burgeoning marketplace.  Once in Australia, he immediately added to his credentials, securing a position with Mainline, then AB Waterproofing, TA Taylor and NewTech.

Then, when the opportunity arose, Harold took another leap of faith and helped found Waterstop Solutions (Qld) and the company has since grown from strength to strength.  With a Certificate III in Waterproofing and a Diploma of Project Management further enhancing his credentials, Harold is in a perfect position to help lead Waterstop Solutions strongly into the future.

Through his work at Waterstop Solutions, Harold has left his mark on countless signature projects across the Brisbane CBD, the Southeast region of Queensland, Sydney and the New South Wales Region. 

The team at Waterstop Solutions has completed over 6000 projects across Queensland and New South Wales.


Some of these projects include:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Wivenhoe Dam
  • The Gabba
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Airport Link Tunnel
  • Gateway Duplication
  • Brisbane City tunnels
  • Clem 7 Tunnel
  • Legacy Way Tunnel
  • Tugan Desalination Plant
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Green Hill Reservoir
  • Parliament House
  • Steyne Hotel
  • Sydney Tunnel M5
  • Major hospitals and over 100 buildings across Sydney and Brisbane CBD.


Notably, Harold performed an instrumental role in solving engineering design challenges concerning the Brisbane City tunnels during their construction.  He provided many design solutions and implementation strategies, including the waterproofing of redundant grout ports that were actively leaking in precast tunnel segments.

With the wealth of technical knowledge garnered through his career, Harold has become the number one contact for the Defect Managers of many of Queensland’s major construction companies.  Now, through his role at Waterstop Solutions, Harold is firmly respected in the industry as the “go-to” man for problem-solving and implementation solutions.

Harold and his business partner, Chris Anderson, share a vision for Waterstop Solutions that will see the company stake a claim in the national market.

This lateral growth of Waterstop Solutions began with the opening of a Sydney office in 2018, and will further continue to expand into other territories with the ultimate aim of establishing a presence in every major city.

Throughout this exciting process, Harold will undoubtedly continue to work by his adopted motto,
“Keep it Simple” – decades of experience have taught him about the dangers of over-complicating matters in the building and construction industry.

By striving to “keep it simple”- i.e. providing effective, efficient, elegant solutions – Harold has established a proven track record of excellence, that will ensure Waterstop Solutions will continue to thrive well into the future.

Office in Sydney opened in 2018.


Chris Anderson: Waterstop Solutions Director since 2015.

When Chris is not in the office, he is out in the field mentoring other staff members. Sometimes the element of water can cause tricky problems that are not always straightforward to solve. In those challenging situations, the helping hand of Chris’ on site mentoring is of great value to the team of technicians as well as the outcome for our clients.

Chris brings along an impressive 25 years of industry experience, being engaged in various senior technical roles within the construction product manufacturing industry.

For 15+ years he has been engaged as an expert advisor to specifying architects and engineers in building design and remedial works. He has extensive experience in working on major civil and industrial projects – from The Legacy Way, Clem 7 Tunnel, Airport Link Tunnel, Water Reservoirs and Dams to countless high rises and residential buildings in Queensland.

Chris has written and presented numerous papers to the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA), the Australian Tunneling Society (ATS) and most major architectural engineering companies.

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