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Licences And Certifications

Confined Space – Working at Heights – Cm3 – Cert III in Waterproofing


  • QBCC Licence classes: Concreting and waterproofing. License number: 1162603
  • NSW Builders License number: 347295C
  • Waterstop Solutions is Cm3 prequalified for our OHS/WHS capabilities and practices.
  • Certificate III in waterproofing x 8 (soon to be 12)
  • Working in confined space certified
  • Working at heights certified
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and High-Risk Work (HRW) qualified



Working in Confined Space Certified

Recently we learned that our Technicians form one of the very few – if not only – waterproofing teams in Australia that is qualified to carry out works in confined spaces.

In the course of their work, our Technicians are regularly required to enter confined spaces. Such areas pose dangers because they are usually not designed as workspaces for people, often with poor ventilation which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop.

At Waterstop Solutions, our primary duty is to provide our staff members with appropriate training that will protect them from risks to their health and safety at work.

Our Technicians receive certified Confined Space training and as such, we lay claim to being one of the very few – if not only – companies in our industry to offer Confined Space Entry qualifications as part our service.
Equipping each of our Technicians with Confined Space Training is a vital measure we take to protect our staff members from the hazards associated with working in such areas, where remedial waterproofing and concrete repair problems regularly arise for our customers.

Certificate III in Waterproofing

Currently, Waterstop Solutions has EIGHT (8) Cert III Waterproofers – Soon to make TWELVE (12) full-time licenced Waterproofers as part of our team in addition to our other skilled technicians.

It is highly uncommon for a company in our field to have so many qualified staff, and this is something of which Waterstop Solutions is very proud.

  • By law, waterproofing companies in Queensland require only ONE (1) licenced tradesperson.


Our remedial waterproofing technicians/leak sealing specialists are trained and highly experienced in repairing leaks, thorough surface preparation, fall rectification, removal of failed membrane and new installation of reputable and high performing waterproofing membranes and protective coatings, joint sealing and joint refurbishment.

In addition to this, they are experienced in concrete crack and concrete cancer repairs as well as being industry-leading specialists in high-pressure concrete crack and leak sealing injections.


Waterstop Solutions’ mission is to be the best at what we do, and this has spearheaded our own product development, to continually improve upon what already exists in the marketplace. A depth of technical knowledge and experience, along with a proud reputation for integrity and reliability, has made Waterstop Solutions the go-to company for many Defect Managers working for major construction companies across Queensland and New South Wales.

To honour our commitment to “Quality Service, Quality Solutions”, Waterstop Solutions developed, and currently delivers, an in-house remedial repair training program to all Technicians.

In this way, we at Waterstop Solutions apply our skill-set and provide quality service and solutions to homeowners, commercial and industrial facility and property managers, civil contractors and more, who wish to “benefit from major civil projects experience” for many years to come.


Working at Heights Certified

Our skilled Technicians possess a suite of licences and qualifications that enable them to safely access and treat sites with the range of our services at any height. Each Waterstop Solutions Technician holds Working at Heights qualifications. Many of our technicians also possess Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and High-Risk Work (HRW) Licences which qualify them to operate machinery that can access sites over 11 metres off the ground.


cm3 Prequalified




Waterstop Solutions is Cm3 prequalified for our OHS/WHS capabilities and practices. Our commitment to safety and quality workmanship is underpinned by sound knowledge, employee training, safety risk management, experience, the right insurances and documentation. Our policies and procedures are developed to meet industry standards. We always aim to offer the highest standard of service to our clients and the very best working conditions to our employees. To achieve this, we engage in constant review and development of the way we conduct our business, which ultimately serves the mission of the company, to be the best service provider in our industry.

CM3 prequalification for Waterstop Solutions 2022-23




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