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Remedial Waterproofing & Drainage Solutions | Waterstop Solutions

Before positive side waterproofing and agricultural drainage remediation - Waterstop Solutions

Remedial Waterproofing & Drainage Solutions | Waterstop Solutions


Remedial waterproofing and drainage strategies to combat water ingress

Water ingress can pose significant threats to building integrity, particularly in structures with soil contact or infill slabs.

One of the primary challenges in safeguarding buildings against water ingress—especially those with soil in direct contact with their walls—is the inadequate drainage systems that often fail to prevent water accumulation around the foundations. Implementing a combination of positive side waterproofing (applied on the earth-facing side of the wall) with robust drainage measures offers a comprehensive strategy for managing water around structures, thereby reducing the risk of water intrusion.

Additionally, in buildings with an infill slab, there is a considerable risk of water penetration through the floor-to-wall joints owing to hydrostatic pressure. Addressing this risk requires a detailed understanding of both the hydrostatic dynamics and the structure’s specific waterproofing needs.


Holistic Approach to Moisture Protection

At Waterstop Solutions, we are committed to enhancing the integrity and longevity of structures with innovative and reliable water infiltration treatment solutions. Our broad expertise encompasses a variety of services, including both positive and reverse-side remedial waterproofing, alongside proven leak-sealing techniques with injectable resins. These services are ideally complemented by urban-adapted agricultural drainage systems, particularly suited for areas like Brisbane and Sydney, where rainfall patterns can be both intense and unpredictable.

In situations of heavy or prolonged rainfall, agricultural drainage systems play a vital role in minimising water accumulation against structures. These systems feature sub-surface agricultural drainage pipes designed to effectively collect and redirect water away from the structure, thereby reducing the risk of water ingress.

By synergising agricultural drainage with positive waterproofing and reverse-side leak sealing systems where recommended, we offer a holistic approach to managing water around structures, delivering multiple key benefits that boost the long-term durability and longevity of building elements:


  • Agricultural Drainage: A Proactive Strategy Against Water Ingress
    • Mitigating Water Accumulation
    • Optimising Water Redirection
    • Alleviating the pressure on the waterproofing systems
    • Reducing the likelihood of moisture ingress.
  • Positive Side Waterproofing: Protecting Your Building
    • Essential for defending against intense and sustained rainfall and the increased lateral hydrostatic pressure from saturated soil.
    • Providing robust protection against water-induced damage.
  • Reverse Side Waterproofing: 
    • A cost-effective and durable solution for addressing water ingress where remedial positive-side waterproofing typically cannot address the root cause. This approach can be especially beneficial in scenarios where external waterproofing alone might not fully address severe or complex water ingress issues.
    • Reverse-side waterproofing is particularly useful when the exterior side of a structure is inaccessible for waterproofing treatments. This can occur due to obstacles like neighbouring buildings, roads, or landscaping. It is an ideal solution for retrofit projects and urban environments.


Addressing Infill Slab Water Ingress Challenges

An illustration of water ingress due to hydrostatic pressure in an infill slab cross-section (Photo of infill slab in the background).

An illustration of water ingress due to hydrostatic pressure in an infill slab cross-section.


Water ingress at the junction where an infill slab meets a retaining wall is a prevalent issue, frequently intensified by hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can force groundwater into basements and other partially subterranean structures, particularly through the wall-to-floor joints of infill slabs. It represents one of the most typical paths for water ingress below ground level, even when positive side waterproofing on external walls remains intact.

Fortunately, this problem is not only manageable but also can be addressed in a cost-effective manner. At Waterstop Solutions, our team is well-equipped with the expertise necessary to tackle these challenges through innovative approaches, including negative side waterproofing systems and advanced high-pressure leak sealing injection techniques.

We tailor our solutions based on an in-depth analysis of each site’s specific conditions and challenges, offering effective remedial waterproofing strategies for your building.



Remedial Consultation

Noticed Signs of Moisture Intrusion?

If you have observed signs of moisture where your slab meets the walls, it may be time to consider remedial waterproofing options. Operating across QLD and NSW, Waterstop Solutions is ready to provide effective solutions to protect your building from water ingress issues.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can assist you in ensuring the longevity and safety of your structure.




Are you interested in finding out more about the various remedial building services we are providing?

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Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement is now available to download as PDF. (The image is clickable and opens up a link to our Capability Statement). 




Good maintenance begins with a proactive approach to maintain, keep, preserve and protect a building. 

Remember that seepage/water ingress into areas such as balconies, basements, concrete roofs, car parks and retaining walls, should not be ignored – call a remedial waterproofing professional today for an assessment to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

At Waterstop Solutions, we carry out a wide range of remedial works to concrete structures post-construction stage in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and outlying areas in Queensland and New South Wales.

Equipped with major civil works experience, we can quickly determine the best approach to rectify all seepage and concrete deterioration issues.


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