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Driveway Subsidence Remediation | Waterstop Solutions

Private driveway before -during- after slabjacking by Waterstop Solutions

Driveway Subsidence Remediation | Waterstop Solutions


Driveway Subsidence Remediation: Expert Solutions for Longevity and Safety

What impact do subsidence issues have on driveways?

Recognising the signs of subsidence is part of keeping your driveway in top condition. Discover how professional subsidence remediation with slab jacking and void filling can enhance your property’s longevity and safety.

Explore how to address driveway subsidence issues with professional remediation solutions such as slab jacking and void filling in Queensland and New South Wales. Our case example demonstrates a successful approach that utilises reactive resin to re-level and improve a damaged driveway, resulting in improved durability and stability.

Driveway subsidence can significantly impact the structural and functional integrity of your property. Here are some typical impacts:

Cracking: Subsidence often leads to uneven settling of the soil under a driveway, resulting in cracks. These cracks can vary in size and severity, depending on the extent of the subsidence and the materials used in driveway construction.

Misalignment: As different sections of the ground settle at varied rates, driveway segments can become misaligned. This misalignment may create uneven surfaces that pose tripping hazards and complicate vehicle parking.

Safety Hazards: Large cracks and uneven surfaces due to subsidence can present serious tripping hazards.

Drainage Issues: Proper drainage is crucial for maintaining the integrity of driveway materials. Subsidence can alter the driveway’s slope, leading to inadequate drainage. This results in water pooling, which can further damage the driveway by eroding the base material.

Aesthetic Impact: Beyond structural issues, subsidence can make a driveway appear unkempt and poorly maintained, potentially affecting the overall appeal and value of the property.

Reduced Lifespan: A driveway whose structural integrity is compromised by subsidence is likely to have a reduced lifespan. Continuous settlement can exacerbate existing issues, leading to more frequent and costly repairs.

Revitalising Driveways: Successful Remediation with Slab Jacking and Void-filling

Here is one example of how to tackle driveway subsidence with professional remediation slab jacking and void-filling solutions. Our case study outlines a successful approach using reactive resin to relevel a damaged driveway, with the goal of improving durability and stability.

During our recent assessment of a private driveway, we observed that the primary likely cause of the subsidence issues had been water ingress through unsealed joints. Additionally, the absence of ties between slab sections may have contributed significantly to the problem, allowing construction joints to widen and water to infiltrate, exacerbating slab separation.

It appeared that soil erosion beneath the slabs, potentially due to previous stormwater drain defects, had led to significant voids, which had caused the driveway to sink. To address this, our team recommended a cost-effective, robust solution involving the injection of a reactive resin beneath the slab. This method filled the voids and solidified the substrate, effectively stabilising the ground into a rock-like mass. This process lifted and re-levelled the affected slab to align seamlessly with the adjacent sections.

Following the resin injection, we performed mechanical grinding and applied a high-quality joint sealant to achieve a more uniformly smooth surface and to protect the joints against water and debris ingress.

This method not only restored the driveway’s functionality but also helped enhance its durability against potential future issues, contributing to improved longevity and safety.



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Protect the integrity and value of your industrial property with Waterstop Solutions. For more detailed information on how Waterstop Solutions can assist with your concrete repair needs in acid bunding areas, please do not hesitate to contact our Remedial Consultants team.

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