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El Niño 2024: Water Ingress Strategies | Waterstop Solutions

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El Niño 2024: Water Ingress Strategies | Waterstop Solutions


El Niño’s Surprising Impact on QLD and NSW Summer 2024: Unforeseen Rainfall and Cyclone Jasper

In a surprising twist, the summer of 2024 on the east coast of Australia defied the usual expectations associated with the El Niño weather pattern. Predictions had pointed towards a season marked by intense heat and dryness, escalating drought conditions, and heightened bushfire risks due to the influence of El Niño. Instead, January 2024 turned the tables with an abundance of rainfall and storms, culminating in the significant disruptions caused by Cyclone Jasper.

Addressing the Challenge of Water Ingress in QLD and NSW

The unpredictable weather patterns have cast a spotlight on the issue of water ingress in urban environments. The unexpected increase in rainfall has underscored the importance of managing water flow and preventing water damage more effectively.

Tailoring solutions to each specific site is crucial, tackling the root causes of water ingress head-on. Often, a comprehensive strategy is required, incorporating improvements or alterations to existing agricultural drainage systems, applying positive side waterproofing for remedial actions, and employing reverse side leak sealing injections or alternative reverse side waterproofing solutions.

Adopting this holistic strategy is being recognised as a key to successfully addressing water management challenges.

  • Mitigating Hydrostatic Pressure Through Agricultural Drainage

Agricultural drainage is a critical element in preventing soil waterlogging and is an integral part of positive side waterproofing systems. It directly addresses the core issue of water intrusion – the presence of excess water near foundational structures.

One of the primary concerns in waterproofing is the hydrostatic pressure exerted by saturated soil surrounding a structure. Agricultural drainage systems play a pivotal role in mitigating this pressure. Agricultural drainage systems are crucial in alleviating this pressure, diverting water away from foundation areas, thus substantially lowering the risk of water infiltration into walls, which can lead to leaks or structural damage. This is especially important in areas with high water tables and frequent heavy rainfall.

  • Positive Side Remedial Waterproofing

An effective positive side waterproofing system, applied to the exterior of buildings, is crucial for protecting structures from external water penetration. This method, involving the application of waterproofing materials on the outside surfaces of a structure, creates a robust barrier against water entry. It is particularly beneficial for preventing moisture ingress in new constructions but also for rectifying waterproofing defects in existing structures where external access is available.

  • Reverse Side Waterproofing: An Inside Approach

In scenarios where exterior access is impractical or not feasible, reverse side leak sealing injection offers as a practical and cost-effective alternative solution. This popular technique entails injecting a water-reactive hydrophilic polyurethane resin inside the structure to seal leaks, cracks, and other voids that allow water ingress. It is particularly effective at addressing seepage through infill slab joints and other hard-to-reach areas, providing a solution even when external positive side waterproofing is compromised.

Water intrusion through wall-to-floor joints in infill slabs and retaining walls is a common issue, posing a significant challenge even when positive side waterproofing is intact on the exterior side.

  • Future-Proofing Against Weather Unpredictability

The unpredictability of weather patterns highlights the importance of being prepared for a range of scenarios. Implementing comprehensive water management strategies, which may include agricultural drainage, positive side remedial waterproofing, and reverse side leak sealing injection, is crucial for strengthening the resilience of built environments against such unpredictable challenges.



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