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Installation of bund wall – spill containment system

Bund wall construction, waterproofing and leak sealing injection

Installation of bund wall – spill containment system


Safeguarding Chemical Environments: Robust Bunding Systems and Resilient Concrete Coating for Effective Spill Containment


Chemical bunding systems play a crucial role in ensuring the safe handling and storage of hazardous chemicals by offering robust spill containment solutions. These systems are designed to prevent the unintended release of chemicals and fluids from their designated storage or handling areas. By confining potential spills and leaks within a controlled environment, chemical bunding systems mitigate the risks associated with chemical accidents and help safeguard both human health and the environment.

Chemical bunding systems, along with chemical-resistant bund lining for concrete surfaces, are crucial components of a comprehensive approach to help contain chemical spills and leaks. These systems play a significant role in ensuring safety and sustainability in different industrial and commercial settings by effectively containing potential hazards and protecting infrastructure and the environment. Using chemically resistant bund lining demonstrates a commitment to responsible chemical management and risk mitigation.

Chemical-resistant bund lining, particularly when applied to concrete surfaces, serves as a vital component of these containment systems. This specialised lining material is engineered to withstand various chemicals’ corrosive and reactive nature, offering a protective barrier that prevents direct contact between the chemicals and the underlying concrete substrate.


Waterstop Solutions was assigned to build a bund wall to facilitate for the relocation of diesel pumps to a new area in a car park basement. To protect against water ingress and stop any possible diesel spill from spreading, we carried out the following works:


  1. Built a Besser block wall around the area, one course high with core fill and capping block. Removed the door, cut out the steel frame and closed in the doorway with Besser block as part of the bund wall.


  1. Performed leak sealing injection of the floor-to-wall joint of the adjoining wall to the former pump room to create a permanent, flexible seal between the old and new area.


  1. Installed a hard-wearing, non-flammable, petroleum oil resistant epoxy system to the floor, the turn up inside and outside of the bund wall 1 Besser block high and the block capping. A high visibility paint was applied to the outside of the bunding so that it is not a trip hazard.



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