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Expert Concrete Crack Injection – New South Wales


Concrete Crack Injection – Structural Repair and Dynamic Repair


Waterstop Solutions helps restore the structural integrity of concrete by injecting high quality liquid epoxy resin into defects.

We repair everything from basic hairline fractures in concrete, right through to more serious structural damage.  Our services are currently offered on the East Coast of Australia in Queensland and New South Wales, with offices located in Brisbane and Sydney.

Service areas in NSW: Greater Sydney area, Central Coast, Hunter Region and Illawarra and more, with our Sydney office located in North Rocks.


Cracking indicates that a concrete structure has been forced to absorb the energy of some form of stress.  However, concrete structures with visible cracks can be repaired and renewed with long-term results, provided the structure has not been wholly deformed and the original cause of cracking has been eliminated.

Cracking is inherent in concrete structures – and the degree varies depending on a number of factors.


Concrete cracking is commonly caused by:

  • Shrinkage during cure, before the concrete has developed its full strength
  • Mechanical overload, either static or dynamic
  • Temperature changes in a structure where no provision was made for movement or controlled cracking
  • Base or foundation settlement
  • Overworking or excess watering of the surface

Injecting repairable cracks in concrete will:

  • Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure (usually repaired with Epoxy injection).
  • Eliminate serious spalling of concrete initiated by cracking and aggravated by thermal changes and ground movement
  • Prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel and pre-stress tendons by encapsulating them against moisture or water contact
  • Stop the leakage of water and fluids through concrete structures
  • Repair concrete architecturally without any of the unsightly surface marks caused by standard surface crack repairs


We use specialised concrete crack injection techniques for crack repair and to stop active high-flow and low-flow leaks (water intrusion, ingress, egress, seepage).

Depending on the type of crack, we normally use either Polyurethane (PU) for flexible crack repair or Epoxy for structural repair.


There are three main injection techniques that we use:

  1. Syringe or gravity injection – Low pressure

  2. Paste on injection packers – Medium pressure

  3. Packer injection – High pressure


Contact Waterstop Solutions today for all your expert Concrete Crack Injections and Chemical Grouting needs in Sydney and the New South Wales region! Book an inspection with our experienced inspector for an onsite assessment, recommended remediation and quotation. 



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