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Leak sealing injections to the Green Hill Reservoir

Waterstop Solutions undertook the challenge of performing leak sealing injections to the Green Hill Reservoir located in Chapel Hill (QLD).

Photo: Waterstop Solutions Pty Ltd

Waterstop Solutions remedial waterproofing systems ended up saving Brisbane SEQ Water an estimated minimum of $1 Million over the last 3 years.

Green Hill Reservoir supplies drinking water to parts of the Brisbane and Moreton Bay region with a combined capacity of over 150 mega litres (ML).

Concerned members of the public alarmed the authorities one day about the volume of water leaking through the walls of the Green Hill Reservoir. They were very concerned about the water they witnessed pouring out of the wall.


Waterstop Solutions pinpointed the specific areas of concern and treated them effectively. Not only did this save SEQ Water money, but it also guaranteed a quick, efficient and safe fix.

If Waterstop Solutions had not attended to the drastic needs of the SEQ Water, the reservoirs would have had to undergo the process of draining the water from the reservoir to then undergo internal repairs, which would thereby put the other nearby reservoirs and water grid under greater stress than normal operating.


The process of treating the reservoirs walls involved high pressure leak sealing injection The injection process involves injecting a fully flexible water reactive hydrophilic polyurethane under high pressure into the targeted area to form a deep seal. 

Waterstop Solutions use the best injection product available offering superior performance benefits including permanent flexibility, very low shrinkage, water potable, low viscosity and a hydrophilic reaction.


The Polyurethane resins we predominantly use (TamPur 130 and TamPur 150) for leak sealing and crack injections have been tested by AWQC for use in contact with drinking water. The Water Potability Certificates for TamPur 130/150  confirm they been product tested for and are compliant with the AS/NZA 4020 and compliant with the latest standard.


Green hill reservoir – Artwork on the reservoir’s wall after the completion of waterproofing works by Waterstop Solutions.

Art Work on Green Hill Reservoir wall
Photo of the Green Hill Reservoirs community artwork project. Thanks to photographers E.Whitfield and A.Scarf.

Waterstop Solutions is committed to providing a high standard of service. With more than 60 years combined industry experience in our management team, we lead our workforce to deliver just that. The best measure of our success is the “follow on” works from our existing clients. 

Our commitment to safety and our impact on the environment always takes first priority. Our approach to quality is to plan; control; monitor and grow from the outcomes. Quality assurance is a tool for us; the client and the supplier to micromanage the critical elements of their project that ultimately produces an optimal result. With limited training opportunities for our field of expertise in Australia, we have invested in sending our project manager to Singapore, the USA and Germany (recognized leaders in this field) to undergo extensive training. This provides us with the foundation for further development and up-skilling of our Australian workers.

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