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Historic Parish Church Preserved 

Historic Parish Church Preserved 

The architecturally-striking Holy Family Catholic Church in Indooroopilly secured the expert services of Waterstop Solutions recently, to preserve a piece of Brisbane’s cultural heritage for generations to come. 

Artwork inside the Holy Family Church in Indooroopilly

Built between 1961 and 1963, and designed by Brisbane architectural firm, Douglas and Barnes, this church is one of Australia's finest examples of Modernist architecture.  It is also home to works by several important Queensland artists, commissioned to create pieces especially for the building.

Over many recent years, water had been entering the church and this posed a serious threat to the condition of these precious assets.  After roughly a decade of various companies’ input, in the form of surveys, engineering reports and testing, Waterstop Solutions was able to design and implement an effective solution and the project will now come to fruition in early 2018.

Undertaking repair works at such an important site was an exciting prospect for Waterstop Solutions. 
After a series of trials in 2017, a final scope of works was arrived at, including:

  • replacing joint material,
  • sealing cracks and construction joints and
  • concrete repair work in various locations. 
As a preventative maintenance measure, a final recommendation was to apply a joint seal to exterior sections of the church, to reduce the amount of groundwater sitting directly against the building, thus averting further damage to the building and neighbouring pavements. 

Through the implementation of this successful system, Waterstop Solutions is proudly helping to protect a famous Brisbane landmark and its’ precious artworks. 

The design of this Catholic Church is what makes it an historic landmark.  From architectural and engineering perspectives, it was extremely progressive for its time.  A new method of concrete construction was adopted to form the pleated concrete structure.  The foundations, ground floor and main floor were poured in the normal manner.  However, the upper portion of the building was constructed from end to end by means of a mobile steel-framed, collapsible Jumbo (heavy machinery used in mining).  Instead of the building growing upward, it grew longitudinally. 

Leak Sealing and Joint Repair works carried out by Waterstop Solutions

These images show some of the steps of the #Leak #Sealing and #Joint #Repair works carried out by Waterstop Solutions QLD – Remedial Waterproofing Solutions on Holy Family Catholic Church, Indooroopilly. The bottom right image shows the complete repair, primed for paint work to be completed.

Concrete Repair at Holy Family Catholic Church Indooroopilly, Brisbane:

Waterstop Solutions - Concrete Cancer Repair

These images show some of the steps of the #Concrete #Repair works carried out by Waterstop Solutions QLD – Remedial Waterproofing Solutions on Holy Family Catholic Church, Indooroopilly. The bottom right image shows the complete repair, primed for paint work to be completed.

Waterstop Solutions (Qld) prides itself on providing excellent remedial waterproofing and concrete repair solutions, with a solid reputation for integrity built upon years of reliable service in the building and construction industry. 

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