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Expert Rising Damp Waterproofing – Queensland and New South Wales

Rising damp treatment expertise. Injectable DPC Damp-proof Course by Waterstop Solutions.

Expert Rising Damp Waterproofing – Queensland and New South Wales

Rising Damp is a phenomenon where moisture from the ground is wicked up through the masonry and building materials by capillary action, resulting in moisture appearing to rise from the ground.  It is worth noting that Rising Damp only occurs on ground floor levels because it is moisture from the soil that is being drawn up the walls causing the rising damp problem. If you are experiencing damp walls from the first floor or higher in the building, it may be caused by penetrating damp or condensation.

Rising Damp is one of the many types of water ingress issues our clients are faced with. The signs may be subtle enough not to raise the alarm of the property owner. Often the slow destruction of rising damp can go on undetected for a long time before signs become evident by the deterioration of stumps, footings and building bricks.

A musty smell may be one of the first sign of rising damp that you notice. The wet areas affected by rising damp are typically found behind skirting boards. The detection often happens when someone opens the wall and finds that the structure behind it is rotten.

Rising damp
can also be identified by a characteristic whitish powdery tide mark (Efflorescence) on the lower section of affected walls. This tide mark is caused by salt being brought through to the surface by the effects of evaporation. These salts accumulate at the “peak” of the rising damp.

Rising damp
problems often occur because a Damp-Proof Course (DPC) has not been installed or that the DPC is faulty due to age or incorrect installation as shown in our illustration.

The team at Waterstop Solutions are experts in Rising Damp Waterproofing.  Our technicians are fully equipped to treat rising damp issues to protect your structures from the damage that rising damp can cause. Our teams are based in Brisbane and Sydney, but frequently carry out services on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra.

Our team will assess the cause of your issue and react appropriately, fixing the issues that allow the damp to rise and properly waterproofing the area where moisture penetration has occurred. We can also often repair any damage that has already been caused by the dampness.


Treatment of Rising Damp – Waterstop Solutions Injectable DPC (Damp-Proof Course)

Our treatment of Rising Damp involves injecting a damp-proof course (DPC) into a location where no physical DPC is present. The purpose of this system is to, as the name implies, inject into position a damp-proof course (DCP) where none is currently in place or where the existing DPC has failed. Damp-proof courses are used to control rising damp and resultant damage.

The DPC formulation we use has the added benefit of not repelling itself once set – you can continue to apply further treatments for a deeper seal wherever and whenever required. This is a distinct advantage in using this product over other water-based versions.

Our product works by lining the pores of the substrate to reduce their size. Water can no longer pass through the pores, but air still can. The method is not effective on moving cracks, wide gaps or voids and non-porous substrates.

  • We drill holes at regular intervals. The distance between the holes will vary depending on certain variables such as the type of brick, cavity and how far the product travels when injected.


  • We inject our own PWR (Penetrating Water Repellent) chemical into the wall creating a Damp Proof Course (DPC). This barrier prevents moisture seeping up through capillary action, and thereby protects the brickworks from further damage caused by rising damp.


  • The product cures clear/invisible. In some cases, however, it may slightly darken the area where applied. White spirit is used as a carrier so it does have an odour, which dissipates quickly.


  • The product works by lining the pores of the substrate to reduce their size so water can no longer pass through, but air still can. The method work on moving cracks, wide gaps or voids.


Image: Treatment of rising damp – Injectable DPC – Damp-proof Course installation.


There are 3 main Categories of Dampness in buildings, of which Rising Damp is one

There are many causes of excess moisture in the structure of a building, such as leaking pipes and damage to gutters and roofs. However, a high proportion of damp problems in buildings are caused by rain penetration, condensation or rising damp.

Many of the visual signs of the three main categories of dampness in buildings may look quite similar to the untrained eye. This is why penetrating damp and condensation can be mistaken for rising damp or vice versa.

You can find more information about what causes water/damp to seep through walls, and how to stop it by following this link: DAMP PATCHES ON WALLS AFTER RAIN – WHAT COULD IT BE?


Have you noticed any damp patches on the walls in your property?

Contact Waterstop Solutions today for all your Rising Damp Waterproofing needs in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and outlying areas of QLD and NSW!

We welcome your questions as we are happy to help.

If water is seeping into your property, if you have cracked or damaged concrete, we are happy to arrange a site visit with our experienced inspector for an assessment, our recommendations and quotation to carry out remedial repairs. Make a booking today.

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At Waterstop Solutions our goal is to provide innovative, flexible and practical solutions to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. We aim to deliver exceptional service to build and maintain long-term relationships with our customers. With more than 60 years of combined industry experience in our management team, we at Waterstop Solutions lead a workforce that is committed to providing a high standard of service. The best measure of our success is the “follow on” works from our existing clients. Our commitment to safety and our impact on the environment always takes first priority. Our approach to quality is to plan; control; monitor and grow from the outcomes. Quality assurance is a tool for us; the client and the supplier to micromanage critical elements of their project that ultimately produces an optimal result. With limited training opportunities for our field of expertise in Australia, we have invested in sending our project manager to Singapore, USA and Germany (recognized leaders in this field) to undergo extensive training. This provides us with the foundation for further development and up-skilling of our Australian workers.




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