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Confined Space Entry Certified Waterproofers

Waterstop Solutuion has Confined Space Certified Technicians to carry our remedial waterproofing and concrete repair work in spaces that is not usually designed to be spaces where people work.

Confined Space Entry Certified Waterproofers

Our waterproofing technicians are qualified and certified for Confined Space Entry and Working at Heights.


At Waterstop Solutions, we ensure that our technicians remain safe at work.

We take very seriously our primary duty to provide appropriate training that will protect our staff members from risks to their health and safety at work.

We follow industry recommendations and complete confined space training recertification every 2-3 years, and as such, we lay claim to being one of the very few – if not only – companies in our industry to offer Confined Space Entry qualifications as part our service.


Confined spaces often have poor ventilation which allows hazardous atmospheres to quickly develop, especially if the space is small.

The risks of working in confined spaces include:

• loss of consciousness, impairment, injury or death due to the immediate effects of airborne contaminants
• fire or explosion from the ignition of flammable contaminants
• difficulty rescuing and treating an injured or unconscious person
• asphyxiation resulting from oxygen deficiency or immersion in a free-flowing material, such as grain, sand, fertiliser, water or other liquids


Concrete leak sealing injection work - Confined Space - WWTP

Concrete leak sealing injection work – Confined Space – WWTP


Confined spaces are commonly found in vats, tanks, pits, pipes, ducts, manholes, flues, chimneys, silos, containers, pressure vessels, underground sewers, wet or dry wells, shafts, trenches, tunnels or other similar enclosed or partially enclosed structures.

The training that Waterstop Solutions’ Technicians receive covers:
• the nature of all hazards related to a confined space;
• the need for, and appropriate use of, risk control measures;
• the selection, use, fit, testing and storage of any PPE; and
• emergency procedures.


Equipping our Technicians with such qualifications to help keep them safe at work is aimed at protecting our workers from danger in any possible location – including confined spaces – where remedial waterproofing and concrete repair problems arise for our customers.



Our skilled Technicians possess a suite of licences and qualifications that enable them to safely access and treat sites with the range of our services at any height. Each Waterstop Solutions Technician holds Working at Heights qualifications. Many of our technicians also possess Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and High-Risk Work (HRW) Licences which qualify them to operate machinery that can access sites over 11 metres off the ground.


Concrete Rooftop Membrane Repair - Waterstop Solutions

Concrete Rooftop Membrane Repair



You can find information about this here: https://waterstopsolutions.com.au/confined-space-certificates/


Good maintenance begins with a proactive approach to maintain, keep, preserve and protect a building. 

Remember that seepage/water ingress into areas such as basements, concrete roofs, car parks and retaining walls, should not be ignored – call a remedial waterproofing professional today for an assessment to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

At Waterstop Solutions, we carry out a wide range of remedial works to concrete structures post construction stage.

Equipped with major civil works experience, we can quickly determine the best approach to rectify all seepage and concrete deterioration issues.


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