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Securing Water Resources | Waterstop Solutions

Inspecting the concrete water tank - Waterstop Solutions

Securing Water Resources | Waterstop Solutions


Urgent Steps for Drought Preparedness and Infrastructure Resilience

  • Securing Water Resources in Times of Drought


The last few months have been recorded as Australia’s driest three-month period. The Bureau of Meteorology’s statement on November 6th 2023, serves as a sobering wake-up call, as it reports “Australian rainfall from August to October 2023 was 61.2% below the 1961–1990 average”. This data highlights the urgent need to prepare now for what’s ahead such as droughts and potential water restrictions.


Leaking concrete water tank - Waterstop Solutions

Leaking concrete water tank.

Why Securing Water Resources Matters?

Water, particularly during droughts, is an invaluable resource. Its preservation is not just a matter of environmental responsibility but also of ensuring sustainable resource management for our communities. Consequently, the maintenance and repair of water retaining structures like holding tanks, dams, catchments, reservoirs, and water infrastructure pipelines are vital.





Rapid Response to Leaks and Breaks

During leak sealing injection to stop water egress from the concrete water tank - Waterstop Solutions

During leak sealing injection to stop water egress from the concrete water tank.

Leaks and seepage in water infrastructures can lead to significant water loss. In times of drought, every drop counts. As specialists in remedial waterproofing and concrete repair, we urge immediate action to address any signs of deterioration or damage in these structures. Regular inspections, timely repairs, and the use of advanced remedial waterproofing techniques and proven high-quality products can significantly reduce water loss.






Proven Solutions for Enhanced Water Retention 

Advancements in remedial waterproofing and concrete repair technologies offer more robust solutions to water retention challenges. From fit-for-purpose waterproof membranes to high-pressure leak sealing injections and flexible sealants that accommodate structural movements, these solutions not only repair existing damage but also fortify structures against future leaks.
As project managers overseeing civil infrastructure and those of you who own a residential water retention tank, your role is pivotal in ensuring these structures are maintained at their optimal state. By adopting the following proactive measures and utilising advanced repair and remedial waterproofing techniques, we can significantly contribute to water conservation and ensure the longevity and reliability of our water infrastructures.

  1. Regular Inspections: Implement a routine inspection schedule for all water-retaining structures. Early detection of issues can prevent larger problems.
  2. Swift Repairs: Prioritise immediate repair of any identified damages to avert further water loss.
  3. Adopting Advanced Repair Methods: Utilise state-of-the-art remedial waterproofing and concrete repair techniques to enhance the longevity and resilience of existing structures. Innovative methods can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of repairs, ensuring longer-lasting solutions to water retention challenges.



Remedial Consultation

Protect the integrity and value of your strata property with Waterstop Solutions NSW. For inquiries or further information tailored to your specific property’s needs, please do not hesitate to contact Waterstop Solutions.

Contact us today for a remedial consultation and to learn more about safeguarding your building against water damage. We will analyse your specific situation, provide expert guidance, and tailor our remedial solutions to your specific needs.




Are you interested in finding out more about the various remedial building services we are providing?

Please click on the image below to download Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement is now available to download as PDF. (The image is clickable and opens up a link to our Capability Statement). 




Good maintenance begins with a proactive approach to maintain, keep, preserve and protect a building. 

Remember that seepage/water ingress into areas such as balconies, basements, concrete roofs, car parks and retaining walls, should not be ignored – call a remedial waterproofing professional today for an assessment to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

At Waterstop Solutions, we carry out a wide range of remedial works to concrete structures post-construction stage in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and outlying areas in Queensland and New South Wales.

Equipped with major civil works experience, we can quickly determine the best approach to rectify all seepage and concrete deterioration issues.


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