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The Crucial Role of Vapour Barriers | Waterstop Solutions

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The Crucial Role of Vapour Barriers | Waterstop Solutions


Vapour Barriers Significance For The Built Environment

Ensuring the structural integrity of buildings and complying with building codes are paramount in construction, and one key element that plays a pivotal role in achieving this is the proper installation of vapour barriers.


Vapour barriers are indispensable components in the construction industry, playing a vital role in safeguarding the structural integrity of buildings across Australia. It’s imperative to note that for Class 1 and Class 10 buildings with continuous slabs linked to a Class 1 structure, strict adherence to the guidelines outlined in the National Construction Code and AS 2870 is of utmost importance.

Key Requirements for Effective Vapour Barriers

Builders often turn to builders’ film, commonly known as builders’ plastic, as the primary moisture barrier beneath on-the-ground concrete slabs. However, precise installation is pivotal to ensure its effectiveness. For Class 1 and Class 10 buildings, specific requirements must be met:

Thickness: The vapour barrier must possess a minimum thickness of 0.2mm (200 µm) and demonstrate resilience against impacts, punctures, and moisture penetration.

Installation Standards: The film should provide a 200mm overlap at all joints, with penetrations meticulously sealed or taped using a snug-fitting sleeve.

Placement: The strategic positioning of the vapour barrier beneath the slab, extending under edge beams to ground level, is crucial.

Vapour Barriers: Dual Role in Construction

These barriers play a dual role in construction: 

Moisture Prevention: Vapour barriers serve as impenetrable guards, preventing soil moisture from infiltrating through the slab and foundation. This essential function halts water ingress from saturated soil into porous materials like slabs and masonry.

Vapour barriers installed under concrete slabs may also help reduce the ingress of potentially harmful gases into buildings. However, they are not a complete solution for gas mitigation. In areas with high concentrations of gases, additional measures such as active ventilation systems or specialised gas mitigation systems might be necessary.

Concrete Protection: Additionally, these barriers significantly reduce the absorption of water from freshly poured concrete into the dry ground beneath the slab, ensuring the concrete structure’s longevity.

While vapour barriers are not waterproofing membranes, their role in construction is indispensable. It is important to understand the distinction between vapour barriers and waterproofing membranes, as their functions and applications significantly differ.

Consequences of Vapour Barrier Failure

The repercussions of vapour barrier failure can be extensive, resulting in significant damage, including dampness, mould issues, flooding, and delamination. Such failures tend to manifest at specific locations, including the vulnerable slab edge, areas undergoing renovations, and even architecturally designed buildings.

In summary, proper vapour barrier installation is not just a construction detail but a fundamental necessity. It safeguards buildings against the perils of moisture-related issues and assures their long-term durability and functionality. Strict compliance with established standards is the bedrock of building integrity, preventing potential complications that could compromise the structure and necessitate costly repairs. With meticulous installation, builders can confidently erect structures that stand the test of time.





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