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Times of drought – Reducing leaks in water retaining structures

Wivenhoe dam below 50 per cent 18 Nov 2019 - ABC News Col Hertzog

Times of drought – Reducing leaks in water retaining structures

Featured image above: Wivenhoe dam below 50 per cent 18/11/2019 – ABC News Col Hertzog

Times of drought

All water utilities across Australia struggle with increased population growth and extended periods of low rainfall. The Millennium Drought has caused challenges for all Australian urban water supplies. The levels in major east coast storages have diminished to the lowest levels in decades.

During times of drought, local councils work with water infrastructure authorities and water utilities services to action water-efficiency measures and support to residents and businesses to capture and store rainwater and greywater. Play your part in reducing leaks by maintaining your property’s water service.

Water is precious, especially during current times of drought and as such we cannot afford water egress and seepage from water retaining structures such as holding tanks, dams, catchments, reservoirs and water infrastructure pipelines. Water restriction levels are likely to increase in the beginning of 2020 and fines may apply if water leaks are left untreated. If you don’t respond when authorities ask you to fix a leak, you may be subject to fines under the higher water restriction levels.

It is best to act quickly as most leaks tend to get worse over time.


Level 3 Restrictions for Sydney

Upon the commencement of the Level 2 water restrictions in December 2019, Minister for Water, Property and Housing, Melinda Pavey announced that Level 3 water restrictions should be expected early in the year of 2020. (Ref.)

Water restrictions are looming for South-East Queensland

Dam levels dropped below 60 per cent capacity in November – the lowest level since the Millennium Drought broke in 2008 – while the region’s biggest drinking water source, Wivenhoe Dam, fell under 48 per cent. However, Seqwater will not look at water restrictions until dam levels drop to the combined 50per cent capacity.

Queensland experienced the driest November on record as “Not a single major location in Queensland recorded at least average rainfall!

One of the significant culprits to our unusual rainfall patterns has been the unusual sea surface temperature patterns due to the following:

🔹 No moisture coming from the Indian Ocean

🔹 Limited moisture coming from the Pacific Ocean

🔹 Limited moisture coming from the Indonesia/Equatorial region (monsoon trough further north than it should be)

All of this has culminated into an incredibly dry period for not just November, but much of winter and spring (on top of already dry periods and years prior to this). (Ref.)


Image: High flow leak in water retention tank. Read more about this leak sealing job here: https://waterstopsolutions.com.au/concrete-leak-sealing-injection-repair-wastewater-treatment-plant-brisbane/


It takes licenced remedial waterproofer and leak sealing experts like us at Waterstop Solutions to ensure that the pathways for water to ingress are properly sealed off. A depth of technical knowledge and experience, along with a proud reputation for integrity and reliability, has made Waterstop Solutions the go-to company for many Defect Managers working for major construction companies across Queensland and New South Wales.

We at Waterstop Solutions have the technical and practical expertise to diagnose the source of the leak and will provide you with our recommended solution to achieving an effective, high-quality, long-lasting repair to stop the water ingress with minimal disruption

We believe in and are committed to always delivering high-quality solutions by utilising the right products and techniques for each specific project combined with our industry-leading know-how on tap. We have a large talent pool of specialist leak sealing and concrete repair technicians with Certificate III in construction waterproofing in Queensland and New South Wales that are extensively trained in our systems and project execution methods.

The leadership positions on every Waterstop Solutions project are operated by highly qualified, certified and experienced industry professionals. Our in-house skills and expertise gained from more than 60 years of industry experience provide a full range of high-quality remedial waterproofing and concrete repair works to commercial buildings, civil infrastructures, industrial sites and residential properties. From waterproofing diagnostics, preventative and remediation solutions – All of our waterproofing solutions are quality guaranteed.


If you have any issues with water ingress, cracking concrete slabs, structural cracks, concrete deterioration, moisture, seepage, efflorescence, rising damp and/or high-flow active leaks in concrete structures, we would be happy to assist you. You are welcome to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Brisbane office: (07) 3205 1899   


Sydney office: 02 9346 8308   

Email: [email protected]



Are you interested in finding out more about the various remedial building services we are providing?

Please click on the image below to download Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement

Waterstop Solutions Capability Statement is now available to download as PDF. (The image is clickable and opens up a link to our Capability Statement). 




Good maintenance begins with a proactive approach to maintain, keep, preserve and protect a building. 

Remember that seepage/water ingress into areas such as balconies, basements, concrete roofs, car parks and retaining walls, should not be ignored – call a remedial waterproofing professional today for an assessment to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

At Waterstop Solutions, we carry out a wide range of remedial works to concrete structures post-construction stage in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and outlying areas in Queensland and New South Wales.

Equipped with major civil works experience, we can quickly determine the best approach to rectify all seepage and concrete deterioration issues.


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